The definitive Guide to Ibiza in the palm of your hand.

If you are anything like us, you’ve probably already booked your flight to Ibiza or if not, you are definitely saving for it, right?Clubbers App Events Promo

There really is nothing like it; the beautiful scenery, the clubs, the history, the clubs……you get our drift.  There is definitely a reason that it has been the No.1 party destination for well over a decade and this reputation sees no sign of slowing.
One thing that people find, especially first timers, is that Ibiza has so much to offer it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, and you may miss out on something, simply because you didn’t see a poster or bump into a particular Rep with the tickets to sell.

Hearing rumours from friends of a beautiful beach you must visit, but none of them can remember how to get there, or a Dj that you want to see, but no one can remember where they are playing.

Well, this will no longer be you.  We’ve been testing out ‘The Clubbers App to Ibiza’, which has been out on the android market since March last year and has been storming the app chart ever since.

The free app is packed with over 1000 bars and places to eat, as well as full information and reviews on all of the main clubs and attractions, and even has a few hidden gems for you to discover.

Integrated into the app is a weather feature, as well as an events and news blog that will keep you in the know before, during and after your visit and a ‘Party Calendar’ that will ensure you never miss a party.  You can even book your tickets through the app as well.

With every part of the app being written from first-hand experience, and with all the top names on board such as Mambo, Pacha and Ushuaïa, you get a real feel for the island and what it has to offer, including shopping, market places, historical buildings and its many spas and retreats.

This app really does help to change the opinion that Ibiza is just a party island and opens the doors to everything waiting to be discovered.

You even have information regarding which beaches offer what, right down to family friendly recommendations and accessibility, as well as advising on nudist hot spots and snack facilities and all of this combined means that this app is useful before you go to ensure that you book the right place, and also once you arrive.

Download the app now and become the Guru of Ibiza in no time!

Download on Android & IOS:

apple_coming_soon Androiddownload

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